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Out & About supports personal healthcare, shopping, and socialization needs outside the home.


Out & About offers older adults and persons experiencing mild to moderate mobility challenges transportation and: 

  • One-on-one support for medical appointments;

  • Accompaniment to out-patient medical procedures;

  • Concierge errand and shopping services; and

  • Companionship on social outings.

Our goal is to help clients remain independent and connected to their community.

Medical Appointments

Doctors’ appointments can be daunting and overwhelming for the aging population. Frequently, important information is disclosed but it can be challenging for clients to hear or remember everything discussed. In addition to transportation to and from appointments, Out & About offers caregiver support during the appointment and will help create and maintain a wellness journal. The client then has the option of sharing their personal information with their family or caregiver.

Medical Procedures

Many out-patient procedures, for example, dialysis or cataract surgery, require a caregiver to wait for a client while they’re being treated. Out & About will transport the individual to and from the medical facility, and accompany the person to their out-patient procedure. Special attention will be taken to communicate with the medical staff regarding the client’s post-operative care and capture that information in their wellness journal.

Shopping & Errands

Appointments with health professionals often result in new or renewed prescriptions and the need for specialty medical supplies (raised toilet seats, canes, walkers and so on). Out & About will get prescriptions filled, pick up the requisite medical supplies, and deliver both to the client. Out & About also offers concierge grocery and general shopping services.


The Federal Government has identified keeping older adults socially connected as the number one emergent issue facing seniors today. Out & About will help seniors stay socially connected with their community by offering, for example, transportation and accompaniment to weekly bridge, aqua-size classes, visits with friends, dinner at a restaurant, and outings to the theatre.

We Understand

Aging Parents

Clients do not want to be a burden on family and friends. The government encourages the ageing population to stay in their homes for as long as possible but for many older adults that’s a recipe for social isolation and results in increased difficulty meeting one’s activities of daily living. Public and private transportation options are available but, for many ageing adults, it’s a struggle to get in and out of a taxi with or without a walker or wheelchair. As for using the access-a-bus, it’s inappropriate to be waiting outside in bad weather or delayed on the bus while other clients are served. Furthermore, we recognize it’s important to know whom you’re dealing with and be confident that the driver is licensed, insured and reliable. Out & About’s customized services are designed to mitigate these concerns and in the process increase your independence, autonomy and overall enjoyment in life.

Family Members and Caregivers

Family members and caregivers often play a critical role in meeting the well-being needs of their parents or challenged children – but this comes with a personal cost. Meeting the transportation, accompaniment and socialization needs of a loved one can negatively impact a family member’s ability to earn an income and may even impinge on a young family’s demands. Furthermore, caregivers are often overworked and they themselves need additional support. Finally, physical distance plays a huge role in today’s parent-child-caregiver relationships. It’s impossible to meet your mother or father’s well-being needs if you’re living in Montreal and they live in Halifax. Out & About’s complementary transportation, accompaniment and socialization services can help mitigate concerns around ageing persons who insist on living independently.


Halifax, Nova Scotia


Liz Harrop-Archibald, B.Ed., M.Ed.

“I’ve always enjoyed the company of older adults. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my father who had a medical practice in the North end of Halifax. Many of his patients were elderly and took a kindly interest in “the wild child with the unruly hair”. Those positive experiences laid the foundation for a zest for life. I received an undergraduate degree from Ryerson, worked in Public Health, taught school in South Korea, travelled the world working for a world class cruise line, then returned to the Maritimes to complete a Masters in Education at University of New Brunswick. Recovering from a life-defining knee injury gave me time to mull over what I really wanted to do. The answer was self-evident -- I wanted to start a business that would help persons of all ages optimize their independence and live full rewarding lives.”

Out & About staff are:

* Friendly

* Kind

* Caring

* Compassionate

* Reliable

* Punctual, and

* Fun

Drivers hold Class 4 Restricted licences and have successfully completed criminal background checks


Out & About's vehicles are known for their comfort and convenience. Our vehicles:
* Are easy to get in and out of
* Have heated seats and a leather interior
* Can comfortably accommodate 3 clients
* Have plenty of room for walkers, wheelchairs and groceries

Pricing and Payment Options

How can I pay for this service?


Out & About offers:


* Individual Clients: 30 minute, hourly, half day (3 hours), and full day (7.5 hours) rates.


* Group Rates: half day (3 hours) and full day outings (7.5).

* Prices include 15% HST. Out & About Mobility’s HST registration is #710085499RT001


Service starts when the client is met at their front door and ends when the client is returned to their front door. Out & About is not responsible for delays due to weather, traffic or other conditions outside of their control. Additional fees may apply for add-on services, for example, the creation and maintenance of a wellness journal




* Payments can be made by: phone, check, cash, debit, credit, or online transfer.


* Detailed receipts are provided.


Clients must sign a standard contract and liability waiver prior to receiving service.


Do You Have Additional Questions?

1. How do I book?


Call Liz at (902) 210-2269.


2. Do I need to sign a contract and liability waiver?

Yes, all clients must sign a standard contract and liability waiver prior to receiving service.

3. What services does Out & About offer?

Out & About services include transportation and:

  • One-on-one support for medical appointments;

  • Accompaniment to out-patient medical procedures;

  • A concierge errand and shopping service; and

  • Companionship on social outings.


4. Does Out & About help clients with anything inside the home?


Of course we’ll help bring in your groceries but we do not assist clients with any activities inside the home, for example, dispensing medications, personal care, or household chores.


5. How do I calculate the time needed for a trip?


If the client resides outside the HRM they need to book a minimum three hour trip. Before booking, please take into consideration the time to get to your destination and the time to return home, as well as the time needed to attend your appointment. Please include some leeway time in your calculation, in case you have a last minute errand or are traveling during peak traffic.


6. How do I calculate the cost?


Cost is based on half hour, hourly, half and full day rates. There are also group outing rates. Hours are not pro-rated.


7. How will I pay?


Payment must be made before or the day services are delivered. Payment methods include cash, debit, credit card or electronic transfer.


8. What if I have to cancel?


Out & About understands that life doesn’t always go according to plan, 24 hour cancellation notice is greatly appreciated.


9. Are there any restrictions on who can or cannot use Out & About?

Clients must be able to get in and out of the vehicle with minimal assistance.

10. Are all clients the right fit?

Safety comes first. Full disclosure is required regarding dementia, a history of violent episodes, assault and cognitive impairment. We do not accept clients with a criminal record or history of violent episodes related to dementia or cognitive impairment. Out & About retains the right to refuse clients. It also reserves the right to terminate a trip and immediately return a client to the point of pick up.


Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been - Mark Twain 

You're only as old as you feel- *Anonymous*


We’d love to hear from you! For answers to all your questions or to set up a trip with Out & About then please give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Nova Scotia, Canada




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Nova Scotia, Canada

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